Overall dimensions

Crossbar locks, loopholes, hatches

Fighting wheel


Air intake and purification system

Air conditioning and heating system

Any version of BURAN can be right-hand drive

Armor Protection

A fast-running wheel will help you drive at least 50 km on a flat tire, which will allow you to continue driving in an emergency.
The structure includes a special disc and wheel insert made of structural steel and ballistic rubber, which, in the event of a loss of tire pressure, prevents the car from sitting on the discs. This allows the crew to complete the task, get out of the firing zone and return back along the road of any passability.
Doors and hatches are additionally equipped with a crossbar locking system, which ensures that the door or hatch is locked in the closed position in the event of an explosion or an attempt to unauthorized entry, even in the event of a complete loss of the bearing capacity of the hinges.
Doors and hatches are of two-layer construction. The inner layer of mild steel helps to minimize the phenomenon of ricochet, as well as the spread of secondary damaging elements. This property also applies to the instrument panel.
The car is equipped with a special system of intake and preparation of ICE air for operation in conditions of strong dusty air and overcoming water obstacles. The three-stage air purification system includes a pre and main inertial separator for separating solids and water, as well as an original air filter with increased throughput.
The increased efficiency air conditioning and heating system has two heat exchange modules operating in parallel and a recirculation system. The taken outside air goes through three stages of cleaning. Preliminary cleaning from water and solid particles takes place in an inertial cyclone separator.
Further, there is a mechanical filtration of fine dust, after which it is purified from harmful impurities in an adsorption carbon filter.
BURAN is a multifunctional all-wheel drive armored vehicle. An infinite number of modifications is based on the principle of connecting the basic armored chassis (SS) with any modules that the customer needs. The customer can independently create additional versions and install special equipment on a reinforced and prepared for this armored chassis with an exoskeleton along the reinforced frame. The BURAN armored car can be supplied both ready-to-use and in the form of an SKD (large-knot kit) for local production in any country in the world.


Overcome slope

Entry / exit angle

Side slope

1.2 m

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