BURAN is a multifunctional all-wheel drive armored vehicle. The main feature of the vehicle is the modular design of the armored hull.

In the basic configuration, BURAN is a six-door and six-seat SUV. The cab, the rear part of the passenger compartment and the platform are made of independent elements, therefore, if necessary, the rear module can be dismantled and replaced with another superstructure - for example, a side body, a kung or a tank.

The BURAN roof has four hatches and two glass windows, the doors are equipped with bolt locks, the cabin has air conditioning. There is also another interesting feature - seats that do not have anchorage to the floor, which give additional protection to the crew when the car is blown up from below.



Multipurpose armored vehicle with high maneuverability and maximum armored protection. Armored glass with a fifth degree of protection on the sides and roof allows for an all-round overview of the situation and effectively uses the vehicle's combat potential.


The modular design of the machine can significantly increase survivability and maintainability. Double armored bottom and anti-mine seats maximize the protection of personnel from mines and land mines.


The presence of free space behind the cockpit and a unique modular design makes it possible to use the car for communications units, command and staff, rapid response teams, air defense, daily work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, police, as well as transportation of valuable goods.

The most attractive criteria are price / quality parameters. With its tactical and technical characteristics, the BURAN armored car is not inferior to foreign and Russian counterparts, and in some parameters it significantly surpasses them. The price of the car is one and a half - two times lower than the corresponding analogs, depending on the configuration.



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